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Exciting news!!!  The MomActive redesign and community are almost ready to relaunch!!  I'm so proud of this project and can't wait to see how it grows with the strength and creativity of women just like you!  If you are a blogger interested in getting exposure and expanding your audience please read the description below and submit your information for consideration today!

MomActive.com will relaunch as a magazine style community in correlation with MomActive Radio and MomTV.  The mission of MomActive is to motivate and empower women to be a positive influence in their family.  As head of our families it is essential that we engage ourselves in activity and dialogue that helps us to grow as individuals.  Our own physical, emotional, and general state of wellness directly impacts our children and immediate family members.  It is our goal to provide informative and fun content on the website and a strong community of support through positive and open dialogue in our forums.  We are seeking women passionate about living their best life to join our team of contributing writers and forum moderators.  

Contributing writers - The broad range of categories for this site are intended to allow writers the freedom to explore content that best fits the needs of the community.  Writers will choose a category and primarily write within that category. Writers will commit to a specific weekly or bi-monthly day to post and have content submitted by 5pm the day before. A bio page of all contributors will be linked to the Home page. A shorter bio will be posted with all articles and include links to writer sites. 

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Changing My Body In 30 Days

I fell in love with Earth Footwear a few months ago just before the Type-A Mom Conference.  I purchased a pair of the Kalso light shoes because my buddy Leah from Bookieboo swore they were comfy and that I'd burn calories just by wearing them.  I'm an exercise freak but if I can tone and burn calories just by wearing a pair of shoes?   I'm all over it!  I was skeptical though.  I've spent a gazillion dollars on the ugliest MBT shoes you've ever seen, simply because my skinny minnie gal friends wear them.  Honestly, I don't think they did much for me except that I did feel mighty tall in them.

So, you can imagine my surprise when I felt totally SORE after working out with Tracey Mallet and Leah at Type A Mom Conference Earth Footwear booth.  Keep in mind that I'm a strong girl that hits the gym hard consistently.  A fluke, perhaps ... or not?

I was totally excited when Earth Footwear contacted me and asked if I'd like to participate in the "Change your Body in 30 days" program.  Who doesn't want to change their body?

They sent me a pair of the new Exer-Walk shoe that will be released to the public in January.  (They "sent me" means FREE, just in case you are the FTC) It is a nice enough shoe - designed with the patented negative heel technology.  It's a little heavier than the Kalso that I like so much but it's a comfortable enough shoe.  I didn't truly appreciate this shoe until today.... when I weighed in at Weight Watchers.... the week after Halloween.  Halloween is a chocolate infested holiday that holds my sweet-tooth hostage for a good week every year.  This year was no different and I fully expected to weigh in with a gain today.  BUT.... I neither gained nor lost and let me tell you friends, that is a victory!

I've been wearing my Exer-Walks for almost two weeks now and had definitely been noticing my glutes and inner thighs feeling a bit tighter.  I wasn't giving them any credit for calorie burning though because it all seemed a little "black magic" to me.  I'm sold now though, because this weekend we were in the mountains doing our usual activity (we are active, keep in mind) and I wore my Exer-walks most of the weekend.... while shoving Twix, Snickers, and Milkyway chocolate into my trap for three days straight (not that there was any candy in the house earlier in the week ...).  Honestly, I should have gained weight this weekend and I normally would have gained.  When I weighed in today with my jeans and winter gear I still hadn't gained a single pound.  I was exactly the same weight I was last week.  Phew....  so, do I think it is because I burned 4 times more calories, as Earth Footwear claims?  I have no other explanation.  It has to be the shoes.  So, is my body changing two weeks in to a 30 day program?  I have to say yes, despite the chocolate train that threw me off track, I do think that wearing the Exer-Walk every day has made a difference.  I do feel that my legs are toning and for sure, I feel my glutes are tighter.  I'm a runner so I've only actually exer-walked three times in these shoes on the treadmill, but even just wearing them in my daily life has definitely made a difference.


Banglz ~ Fitness Fashion Accessory Review

Banglz are essentially traditional ankle and wrist weights covered in attractive fabrics. *I was sent a set of the 1lb. ankle bands to try and when I first saw them I was a little skeptical. They aren't exactly the most attractive fashion accessory but I was ultimately quite pleased with the product. I've actually worn them around the house for about two weeks and have even worn them to pick up my kids from school on occasion.

Muscle tissue is a key factor in weight maintenance and metabolism. I'm a huge fan of fitting in any kind of movement or exercise wherever you can, so even although the amount of weight is quite small, the resistance created by one pound on each leg is a nice addition to your normal workout. I wouldn't strap these babies on and expect to magically become buff or drop 10 lbs. over night, but I like the idea that I'm doing something while carrying on with my normal routine.

You can actually buy different pattern fabric covers and switch it up a bit. I love my Banglz but there is one thing that I'd love to see: the 1 lb weight is a bit sissy for us athletic types. I'm a bit of an over achiever when it comes to working out and I could probably comfortably make it through my day with 3 lb weights on my ankles. So Banglz, PLEASE make us some heavier weights! There is a 20% coupon code on the website right now for early holiday shoppers. Be sure to use the code "trickortreat" before October 31st.

*This item was sent to me for FREE. I was under no obligation to write a review. The opinions expressed here are my opinion based on my experience with this product.


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