Friday's Guest: Sadie Nardini ~ Yoga

I am really excited about this week at MomActive! Our guest this Friday is Sadie Nardini a master yogi from New York City. She is the co-owner of The Fierce Club in New York City, the author of the Road Trip Guide to Your Soul, and creator of the bestselling DVDs The Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga: Power Hour and Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga:Total Body Transformation and Weight Loss. If you take a look at her website and her YouTube site you'll instantly feel like Sadie is just like all of your best friends! What I'm loving about all of her YouTube videos is that they are all short in length and TOTALLY accessible to anyone. Take a peak at the different videos and spend 10 minutes with Sadie, you won't regret it. You can also see the MomActive featured video this week on the right side bar of this blog.

I'm so excited to bring Yoga to MomActive this week because it is YOGA that has transformed my body the most! My experience with yoga as a physical exercise has been varied over the years but overall it is the one activity that I credit with my strength. When "HOT" yoga or "Bikram" yoga became the trend several years ago, I jumped on the bandwagon with everyone else sweating their asses off. I enjoyed it but it became a bit routine and I lost interest in yoga until about three years ago when I injured my back.

I'm a runner by nature and a few summers ago while training for a half marathon (my favorite distance to race by the way), I did something really unpleasant to my back. It took me by surprise because I'd never had an injury before. I ran through the pain for a bit but ultimately had to face the fact that something wasn't right and rest was in order.

If you know me at all, you know that without exercise I go nuts and become unbearably grumpy! I went with a friend to a Core Power Yoga class and quickly realized that this was something I could totally get into. I've since been practicing with several yogis at my current club and it is now a part of my weekly routine. On days that I can't get to a class I pull out my mat and spend a few minutes with my favorite poses. Nothing more invigorating!

My body loves me for the time I spend practicing Yoga. All of my running and the fact that I've born three big babies has my hips in a crazy state. The combination of hip openers and working to keep my hamstrings loose protects my back from re-injury, this I am sure of. Need to strength train but hate weights? There is no better weight to train with than your own body weight! Even my trainer is in awe of the results I get from yoga three times a week.

So, my goal for Friday's show? To introduce you to Sadie, to have a conversation in which we dispel the myths about Yoga and talk about ways you can incorporate Yoga into your life!

Namaste Chickies!


  1. I am so, so, so excited about this. I LOVE yoga! It has done amazing things for me physically, mentally and spiritually. Thank you for this!

  2. I'm so excited to listen to the show tomorrow! I have wanted to try YOGA for a long time but I haven't because of my hips...they are very tight. I need to look into these hip openers that you talked about.

    Connie @ Fat 2 Hot Mommy

  3. Yoga is fabulous! I have practiced and taught since 1996. I incorporate that with my coaching practice as well! I even try to help my toddler to learn easy yoga breath work to help her calm herself down.

  4. I'm new to Yoga and am really excited to be introduced to Sadie! :-)

  5. Tara!! I also teach my kids to breath!



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