Who Knew? Camping is Fun and Will Get You Moving!

If you heard Friday's show, you know that I was approaching my weekend camping trip with some trepidation.... with a lot actually.  I knew the kids would have a blast, but I'm not one to go without showering for several days in a row and, while I enjoy the outdoors, sleeping with the critters has never been at the top of my "must do" list.  

It occurred to me within minutes of arriving at our campsite, that this adventure was going to be awesomely bloggable and VLOGable (still editing the video!).  From the moment we arrived at our campsite in the Rocky Mountain National Forest, we were all moving fast to get things set up.  There had been some rain on the way in and we wanted to get situated in case it started up again.  As we unloaded the car and set up our tent the kids were carrying backpacks and sleeping bags down the trail to our site.  They were so excited running back and forth, eager to help us set up our "abode".  

Our friends had arrived before us and were starting up a fire for dinner.  I'd be lying if I said we had planned our meals with ultimate nutrition and health food in mind, but we did have whole wheat buns for our burgers so I think you'll have to give us a pass this time!

The kids were climbing up and down and all around on the mountain of rocks and by 10pm they were all pooped out and bundled up in their sleeping bags. We stayed up chatting with our friends, gazing at the sky and enjoying the beauty of it all.

The next morning we took the kids horseback riding.  OK, that is not a passive activity folks!  The trail ride we took wound up and down steep hills and I could definitely feel my core working to stay on the horse.  I also had K riding on the horse with me and got a major bicep workout trying to keep her on the horse!

Later in the day we took a little hike and marveled at all the wildflowers, bunnies, deer, and awesome critters we never see in the city.  The kids were definitely tuckered out by the time they settled in for the night.

As we packed up the next day, I decided that this was definitely something our family should do a few times a summer.  We all enjoyed the outdoors and togetherness without computers or TV, and we created fun (and active) memories for our family.

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