Friday's Guest: International Fitness and Lifestyle Expert, Tracey Mallett

Our special guest on the MomActive radio show this week will be international fitness and lifestyle expert, Tracey Mallett! We were so grateful to Tracy for being the guest at our twitter launch party last week and we can't wait to chat with her on Friday.

Tracey is a mom just like us, and realizes the importance of teaching healthy habits early on. In fact, she leads the Jam School Program that provides lifestyle programs to over 1 millions school children across the country. I hadn't been aware of this program before but check out the website because it may be something you'd like to bring to the attention of your school district.

Tracey's resume is mind boggling! She contributes to a bazillion of the top health and fitness related magazines, including Prevention, Pilates Style, Shape, Fitness Magazine, Women's Health, Fit Pregnancy, SELF, Fit Yoga ... just to name a few! She is the author of Sexy in 6, and has created over 17 exercise DVD's. I am sure we'll also be talking on Friday about her new book coming out soon, Super Fit Mama covering pre and post natal exercise, and nutrition.

Just like you and I, Tracey experienced weight gain with her first pregnancy. 55 pounds to be exact! She lost the weight and made it her mission to inspire and motivate women to succeed in losing weight with quick (6 minutes, people!), simple, and realistic healthy solutions, along with smart nutrition.

I'm inspired! Six minutes inspires me and I can't wait to "meet" Tracey live on the radio show. Especially because she has that adorable British accent! Please comment on this post with the questions you'd like us to ask Tracey.

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  1. I can't wait to have Tracey on! She is so fun and knows her stuff!

  2. Can't wait for the radio show tomorrow!

    Connie @ Fat2HotMommy



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