Mamavation Update ~ Week 1

Last Friday I posted a Vlog about my recent weight gain and declared that I was ready to follow @boredmommy in the Mamavation campaign. I'm someone who knows better, someone who works out regularly and has health and fitness as a major focus in my life. Everyone faces challenges in life and how we choose to act in the face of challenge says much about who we are.

Who am I?

I am a strong and smart woman. I am stronger than my grief, my sadness, my anger and frustration. I am much stronger than that stupid Diet Coke and ice cream!

This week I have lost 3 pounds. I know I'm supposed to keep a food journal and exercise journal but ... I didn't. I counted Weight Watchers points and kept up my normal exercise schedule. I stopped drinking Diet Coke and drank more water.

This week? I plan to up my cardio and incorporate more interval training into my runs. Don't forget to visit the Mamavation group on Bookieboo.com to check in with all the other Mamavation Ladies and see how @boredmommy is doing!

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